About EDI Network

EV drivers and visitors will choose destinations  where they can charge

Facilitate the adoption of EV by allowing EV drivers in Belgium to rapidly and efficiently charge their EVs

by developing, owning and operating a network of highly reliable charging infrastructure that is publicly available, strategically located and installed on premium private properties.

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EDI & EDI Network

Two seperate business lines addressing different customer needs

Selling and installing chargers

EDI is the Belgian leader in commercialization  and installation of EV chargersFind out more about EDI

FInd out more about EDI
EDI Network

Investing in chargers & selling  kWh

Leveraging on EDIʼs expertise to offer a  premium charging experience to EV drivers at  exclusive places

Powering up the members of the Golf de L’Empereur Club

Thanks to their 3 double chargers, the Golf de L’Empereur Club now proposes a unique charging experience to all their visitors

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Case studies

Check eligibility of my parking

We select premium locations to make them more attractive and better serve the end customers.

Eligibility criteria

Parking publicly accessible

Close to facility
(sports club, retail, entertainment...)

Highly frequented

High end/premium location

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