Powering up the members of the Golf de L’Empereur Club

Thanks to their 3 double chargers, the Golf de L’Empereur Club now proposes a unique charging experience to all their visitors

Our client

The Golf de l'Empereur is a golf course with two courses (9 & 18 holes) under the direction of Florent Godin. It is located in the Walloon Brabant in Genappe. It has more than 1.000 members and welcomes more than 5.000 visitors each year thanks to their infrastructures equipped with a hotel, a restaurant and seminar rooms. A real SME focused on golf and outdoor activities.

His needs

Florent Godin was receiving more and more requests from his clients for electric vehicle charging. Indeed, a growing number of customers and companies which made the choice for electric vehicles wanted a charging solution accessible during their activities or events. Mr. Godin understood this offer would be necessary in the short term.

Our solution

We contacted Florent Godin to evaluate together the best solution to meet the needs of his customers: very different profiles such as golfers, customers of the hotel and restaurant or companies. We opted for 6 charging points of 11kW which allow to charge more than 150 km in 3 hours: enough to satisfy the needs of most customers.

Golf de l'Empereur
A turnkey solution! EDI Network organized and coordinated the entire project as well as the installation works, thanks to their expertise in charging solutions. The investment was entirely made by EDI Network, which is also responsible for operating the chargers. This project ensures the loyalty of our customers and strongly improve the quality of our infrastructures. It is a good example of a sustainable and eco-responsible solution. Given the usage rate of the existing charging points, we consider doubling the number of locations in the medium term.
Florent Godin
Director - Golf de l'Empereur

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